Stop Doing These Things At Night If You Want To Get Fit

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Being active and having a healthy diet can help you in becoming fit but if your daily night routine is not good then all your hard work would go down the drain. SO take a note of these habits in order to get the maximum health benefits from your efforts.

1. Eating large meals

Having a very large meal for dinner can be harmful to the body and interfere with healthy digestion. If the food is more acidic and protein-rich then the damage can be even more. So avoid having large meals at night.

2. Having carbohydrates

Eating too many carbohydrates even from healthy sources can also slow down your metabolism. Since at night body does not burn out the carbs so they get deposited in the body in form of fat.

3. Eating very less

If you think that by starving your body, you will lose weight, then you are wrong. You need to fuel your body after you have done work. Eating in a limited amount is not only suggested but also important for the body.

4. Having Caffeine

Caffeine can interfere with our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, which in turn will cause us to be less fit due to the imbalance in hormones and likelihood of chronic fatigue. Try having some soothing tea or decaffeinated water.

5. Sleeping with phone

Using phone while trying to go to sleep will keep you more alert due to the phone’s lit screen and stimulating nature, but it can also create stress, which can lead to excess cortisol and promotion of fat storage. Remove phone from the bedroom when going to sleep.


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