10 Things You Do Only With Your Best Friend

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“A best friend is that person who knows you are crazy but love you anyway”. There are two sets of behaviour: one you do around “normal” people, and other you do around your best friend. You are a completely different person when you are with her. Around her,you are the real you!

1. Send screen shots of conversations between you and your crush.

They have all the rights in the world to know every tiny bit of the conversation you have with your crush. Not only that, they are you’re perfect guide and love guru. How else are you supposed to know what to say next?

2. Borrow each others clothes and never return them.

You share everything anyway, so why would you need to ask if you borrow some of her makeup or that cute top? What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, right?

3. Laugh until you cry when they do something super embarrassing.

While you would totally kill anybody who laughed at your misfortune, if you trip on a heel or behave weird in front of your crush, you totally expect her to laugh and mock you for it. If she didn’t, there’d be something wrong.
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4. Tell each other the 100% honest truth.

Tough truths are sometimes extremely difficult to identify or face, but your BFF can break it to you in a way that you’re able and willing to hear. And moreover, when it comes from her, it doesn’t sound like she’s judging you; just that she cares about you.
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5. Fight over everything and then makeup as soon as you realize you can’t live without them.

Picking a fight on the stupidest things is an everyday story. And because you know you can’t survive without speaking with them, you end up patching up just seconds later.

6. Using “cute” or “endearing” nick-names like “bitch” 😛

There’s only one person who can get away with calling you “bitch”, “crazy”, or “lame”; and it’s only because she says it with love.

7. Cuddling

On the couch, in bed, it’s not awkward to have a mid-week cuddle jam with your BFF. Good, healthy human contact is something that keeps us sane, and it’s important to get it on a regular basis. Well guess what? You and your bestie keep each other going, and it’s totally not awkward or weird if that includes cuddling!

8. She knows it all!

There just isn’t such a thing as over-sharing with your best friend. Horrible cramps? Bloating? Constipation? Your bodies aren’t something that you’re ashamed to talk about together, and that means that she gets to hear all of your strange little quirks.

9. Eating whatever you want, in however large quantities, without feeling bad or judged

She knows you, she loves you, and she’s not going to judge you about what you choose to eat. She buys a packet of chips and you eat it all, because you know she isn’t going to mind at all.

10. Nudity

Changing in front of each other? No problem! Need to use the bathroom but don’t want to end the conversation? Don’t shut the door! You guys have no physical boundaries this way and it’s definitely not weird. It’s actually pretty empowering.


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