Essential Oil Which Will Be Best For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Essential oils can be chosen according to your personality to suit your needs in the best way possible. Astrology and aromatherapy are not at all related but astrology shares about your personality and according to your personality, you can choose the essential oil that will suit your needs. So in a way, astrology and aromatherapy can be called as distant cousins, right?

Aromatherapy offers you a chance to heal all your problems with your sense of smell. Try out these essential oils according to your signs and you will feel the difference in your daily life problems.

1. Aries: Rosemary

You are the life of any party or gathering but entertaining others drains you of your energy. So you get prone to stress and cramped muscles which can be treated by using rosemary oil. Mix it in your massage oil and use on your tender joints and muscles.

2. Taurus: Ylang-Ylang

You have a very sensual side, so Ylang-ylang oil will help you there because it is a mild aphrodisiac and it will relax your muscles and also provide you mental equilibrium. It will also help you lower your blood pressure thereby soothing your aggressive nature. Add it in a hot bath filled with Epsom salt for better results.

3. Gemini: Basil

It is one powerful oil that will bring out your quick wit and help you to connect with people intellectually. Basil is perfect to bring your blood pressure down when you feel overburdened by the emotional baggage and the focus you need is lost on you.

4. Cancer: Lavender

It will ease your digestion problem and anxiety issues. Add a couple of drops of lavender oil to your pillow and breathe it in all night for a fresh morning with healthy mind and body.

5. Leo: Garlic

Since your sign is ruled by fire, it might affect your heart so keep in mind to use garlic oil in your aromatherapy to boost your heart health. Both your physical and mental congestions can be treated by garlic oil, it will also let your pent up frustrations go loose. Dilute the oil with lemon or peppermint oil and then apply it on the skin.

6. Virgo: Chamomile

Chamomile oil will ease your racing thoughts and release you from anxiety. It will cleanse your body of harmful toxins and reduce the nervous fallout due to emotional overload. Take its benefits by adding the herb to your tea or by adding a few drop of its oil to your shampoo.

7. Libra: Frankincense

This oil will give your peace of mind which you would very much need after taking care of everyone and catering to all their needs. You are prone to colds, tummy aches and minor illnesses and this oil will make your immune system stronger. Rub it on your palm to make it warm and apply on your feet.

8. Scorpio: Patchouli

You have a lot of energy but it burns out fast and so this oil will provide you with energy boost when you feel tapped out. Add a few drops of it to a warm compress and keep the compress on your forehead.

9. Sagittarius: Geranium

It will work as an astringent and stimulate muscle contractions. You have excess energy but weak muscles, this oil will help you with that. Add a smidge of it to your bath salts and let the oil work its magic.

10. Capricorn: Eucalyptus

You like to look at things from all sides and take your time while doing so. Eucalyptus oil will relieve you of mental exhaustion and also help you with the skin and hair problems that you face. Add a few drops to your shampoo and face wash for the best results.

11. Aquarius: Lemon

You argue a lot and most of all when you are not wrong, so this oil will help you boost your mood and focus on the positive side of things. Adding lemon to your tea might help you sooth your sinuses and using the oil in your bath will uplift your mood.

12. Pieces: Tea tree

You like to see the best in the people around you so this will help you to enhance your personality, promote good health and reduce inflamation. add a few drops to a warm cloth and take the steam for a few minutes.


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