5 Genius Date Ideas To Try This Summer

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Forget movie nights and boring, formal dinners nobody enjoys anyway. This summer, spice up your date nights with 3 staggering ideas. Whether single or in a relationship, you can enjoy each other’s company and bond over unique, thrilling experiences this summer.

Beer Fest

Explore your city’s cultural events and find an international beer festival. Most cities feature a beer or wine festival during summer so even if there’s none in your city, there will be one near somewhere.

It’s a cheap date idea where you will  get to discover your next favorite beer, plus your date will absolutely get thrilled about it. You will find out amazing beer fact like the fact that George Washington had his very own brewhouse or that Fried Beer is a thing (hat tip to Mental Floss).

Why not try rafting this summer?

Get All Sweaty By Playing Sports

No, a FIFA world cup match is not considered a date so don’t even think about it no matter which team you’re rooting for.

Instead of being passive sports viewers why not get your inner sporty attitude out and join any fun, summer-loving sport event in your area?

From a bike marathon to a mud run the possibilities to get your adrenaline pumping are endless. Especially if there’s a beach nearby you can try a multitude of water sports — and a great tan to show off.

Yard Sales & Sunday Market Fairs

If you live in a tourist-y area, Sunday Market Fairs become kind of a hit in summerime. More goodies and fresh foods to try, new vintage clothes and decor pieces to discover in yard sales and other markets.

Find a date idea you both get excited about and cross a few things of your bucket list! ♥


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