Useful Johnson’s Baby Powder Hacks You Must Know!

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Apart from applying it on babies, this yummy smelling baby powder can actually help you with so many other things, helping you save money and making life much more simpler. I bet you didn’t know all of these if some. Well go ahead and gain some knowledge.

1. Sets The Concealer

baby powder
All you gotta do is dab some powder to the pllaces you concealed and blend it with the powder brush. It saves you money, looks great and smells even better.

2. Lash Plumper

lash plumper
Instead of applying multiple coats of mascara, just apply some baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara for more volume. Also feel free to add some more powder between the coats for more thickness.

3. Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo
Baby Powder when applied on scalp, absorbs all the oils, making your hair look voluminous. You just have to throw some powder into the roots of hair and massage, and then blend it with a brush.

4. Absorbs The Stain From The Clothes

absorbs stains
As soon as you make your clothes eat your food, put some baby powder on those stains, and put them for washing. Baby powder will suck all the haldi and oil and what not (stains), making them appear lighter. And after the wash all the stains are goneee!!

5. Smelly Shoes

smelly shoes
For all those having a problem of shoes smelling because of sweat, put some baby powder inside of your shoes every night. The powder will absorb all the sweat and they are fresh and ready to be worn.

6. Untangles The Necklace

Powder untangle
Whenever your neck pieces try to play “Open The Knot” game with you, all you gotta do it sprinkle some powder, so that the tangles loosen up making it easier for you to open. And guess who wins in the end? :p

7. Squeaky Floors

squealy floors
For all those houses having wooden flooring, may have had annoying experiences of noisy, squeaky floors. Well!! Not anymore. Throw some powder on the floor, into the cracks. Voila!!! No more irritating sounds and also the ants will be kept away from the powder!!!

8. Pre-Waxing

before waxing
Apply some baby powder to the area you’re about to wax. It will absorb body the oils and protect the skin calming it down so it won’t get irradiated.

9. Wear Them Gloves

rubber gloves
Apply some baby powder in your hands before wearing the Rubber Gloves, so that you don’t have to fight with them and they slide into your hands easily.

10. To The Dog Owners’ Rescue

fresh dog
When the masters are too lazy to make their pets take a shower, you can always throw some powder on them as a dry shampoo. This will keep them fresh and and also keep them from smelling bad.


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