5 Signs that You should Probably Give Up On Him

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Love is not always rainbows and butterflies. It has its own consequences. If you’re in love, however, you don’t think the other person feels the same, you should probably give up. You deserve better than someone who doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated. So here are a few signs you ought to search for when you think he doesn’t love you the way you do :

1. It’s always you who calls

So amidst day, when you truly need to converse with him, you would be the one who will call. He never calls and dependably says that he’s occupied or he’s with another person. You are the one who dependably calls him.

2. He doesn’t let you touch his phone

He never gives you a chance to touch his phone even for a moment. He would make excuses like I have some work at this moment or my phone’s battery is low. This implies stand out thing that he is hiding something from you.

3. He hasn’t introduced you to his family yet

So its been truly since a long time ago you have been involved with him, yet he has not yet acquainted you with his family. At whatever point you start talking about his family, he transforms it and doesn’t respond. This implies he is not searching for a long haul relationship with you.

4. He doesn’t care anymore

He doesn’t care about you anymore. He doesn’t ask you about the details of your day or doesn’t ask you how you are. He ignores the mood you are in. He makes you feel uncomfortable whenever you talk to him.

5. He stops you whenever you start talking about the future

Whenever you start talking about marriage or your future plans with him, he changes the topic or stop you right away. He probably says that he hasn’t thought about it yet. This only means that he does not see you with him in the future.

So, if you are facing these signs, you should probably give up on him. You don’t have to waste time with him. You will find someone else. Someone who is worth it.


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