8 Things Only a Malayali Friend can Teach You!

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1. Not every South Indian is a Madrasi!


Calling a Malayali a ‘Madrasi’ is the biggest blunder you can ever make! You dare say it once, and your Malayali friend won’t speak to you for the next five minutes.

2. Pongal and Onam are two different festivals!

So you finally know that Pongal and Onam are not the same! The former is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, while the latter is celebrated in Kerala. Not only that, you also know why they are celebrated in their respective states.

3. Malayalis are Cleanliness freaks!

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They see a wrapper around, and the next moment they would be looking for a dustbin.
You get regular lectures on importance of cleanliness in life from them.

4. Malayali friend = banana chips

sa 3
Vacations come to an end and you know banana chips are on their way, bringing your friend along.

5. You finally know, dosa and vada are not the only things South Indians eat!

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You know the names of almost all the south Indian delicacies by heart! Be it Putt, Kurma or Payasam, you get to taste them all!

6. Malayalum is a language!

Malayalum is a language and Malayalee are the people. You no longer confuse between the two!

7. Resourcefulness is in Malayali blood!

You be in distress and your Malayali friend comes to your rescue! Malayalis are one of the most cheerful, helpful and kindest people on this earth

8. Never use the words ‘Malayali cinema’ and Rajnikant’ in the same sentence in front of a malayali!

sa 5
They make you watch Malayalum movies and you actually begin appreciating them. You now realise why Salman Khan keeps remaking their movies in Hindi. They are so worth it!


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