What To Text A Girl Who Stopped Responding !

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When a boy likes a girl, they will try anything to reach out. The quickest way of doing so is by text message. However, this doesn’t always work especially if the feeling is not mutual or if she dislikes your choice of words.

The worst mistake you can do when ignored is to beg them to reply or send a meaningful message. Well, girls can be very complicated, but it is always good to establish the key reason why they might be ignoring you.

If you are part of the ignored guys, here are a few tips on what to text a girl who stopped replying among other things.

  • Send her a funny gif or meme

Where written words don’t work you can always use a funny meme or gif to portray your message.

These memes are readily available online and all you have to do is choose one that you can relate to. Everyone loves a funny joke over a complicated message and this might give her a reason to reply.

The good news is, technology has made the creation of these gifs and memes easy, and you can find them on multiple websites. But be warned, she might use one to reply to you swell.


  • A voice message will do

Thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp, you can easily record and send a voice note almost everywhere. Expressing yourself through a voice message rules out any misunderstanding and creates a more special bond.

Although you can use smileys to express emotion via written message, talking it out works better.

You can even sing them a song that you both like to remind her of what she is missing. Cracking a joke through a voice message also works magic. Just make sure you sound sexy enough before conveying the message.

  • Show her what she’s missing out on

This is another trick you can’t ignore. Most girls fear missing out on something wonderful like an adventure.

If you show them your fun side, they are most likely to text you back. You can start by posting a catchy picture on your status send it directly to their inbox along with a catchy message.

For instance, if you are planning on going on a vacation, you can text them “I think am going to book a flight to the Maldives tomorrow”, or post pictures of yourself in the Maldives. This is definitely a perfect deal breaker. See this link to know how you can deal with a girl that has been ignoring you .

  • Ask her if she has been abducted

For you to get a fast reply, you must be creative. No woman would show interest to a boring man. Asking the girl if she has been abducted is an indirect way of telling her that you are worried about their well-being and you truly wish them well.

Although silly, this type of message could motivate them to respond. The best part is, most of them wouldn’t even realize you sent the message after they ignored the previous one.


  • Make fun of your own texting mistake

When a girl goes mute on you, chances are you sent her a pathetic message. Nonetheless, you can correct this by taking advantage of your mistake. For example, you can jokingly tell them you had a bad day that day but now you are healed. This will make her forgive you and respond.

  • Use the scarcity principle

If the lady likes you, this could be a good wake-up call. Some ladies expect men to go out of their way to win them over which is also the reason why they give you the silent treatment. However, sending them the “I am gone” text works pretty too well. Click here for more tips.


When someone you like ignores you, it can be very frustrating. However, for you to win them over, you have to learn the rule of the game. You can start by sending her a funny gif or meme to make her laugh and show her what she is missing. You can also jokingly ask her whether she has been abducted. This will make her chuckle and want to know why you think that way. If you don’t get a response still, try sending a voice message. Voice messages work magic. If she likes you, the sound of your voice might ignite back their feelings. It is also an easy way of expressing deep feelings.


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