Beautiful And Honest Pictures Showing True Meaning Of *Fatherhood*!

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Mother’s love is selfless there is no doubt in that but what is equally important is the love of a father.
This isntagram account ‘dontforgetdads’ shows what is the real beauty of fatherhood and what are the true emotions behind it! How a father’s love is and what all they do for their kids!
The idea behind the pictures is to encourage the fathers to be really involved in their kids’ life from the start.
These pics will make you love your dad even more!

1. When you are born

Father is born too! Because those moments are nothing less than magic.

2. When he goes off to keep you safe

He tried to give you one last kiss and mommy could,t reach up to him and in that moment a friend stepped in and finally he could give you a kiss which meant more than anything to him!

3. When you cant sleep

At nights when you are all fussy and mommy is really tired, he steps in lets you sleep to the rythem of his heartbeat. This one is a real beauty!

4. When he finally held you

This picture shows raw emotions on the face of a father who tried having a baby for so long but their persistence paid off well. The tattoo on his chest is from the first miscarriage and now these is a baby girl lying in his arms!

5. It’s nap time

Well, what matters is that all are asleep, it doesn’t matter how or where!

6. You are his everything

This is pure unconditional love. He just cant look at you enough! Because for him, you are magic!

7. Going for work

This is the hardest thing for him to do, leave you at home everyday to go for work!

8. Holding hands

Will these hands grow up to be nearly as big as his one day? You are his own little miracle!

9. Having fun

When you are simply enjoying all the attention you get because of how your father dressed you up!

10. Cradle you in arms

You will only sleep in your cradle so dad is gonna use his arms and lull you to sleep. The most beautiful picture and probably the best cradle in the world!

11. Mini me

It is like one side is the past and the other is the future!

12. Lifting up

When you lift up your head for the first time to look at your dad and he has an ear splitting smile on his face!

13. Falling in love

When you mommy had a natural b irth at home and he was there all along, he got to see what your mother went through to bring you in this world and not only her, he also went through a lot for the same. And when you were born and you were perfect, he fell in love with our mother all over again and you both became his little world.

14. First one to see you

The emotions on the face of this dad say everything!

15. Left speechless

Such a beautiful picture, words will probably spoil its beauty!

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