*Meaningful* Gift Ideas For Every Milestone In Your Relationship

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We all love to get gifts and surprises from him, but when it is our time to return the favour, we get really confused as to what to gift him. Not any more!
Here is a list of really meaningful gifts that you can give to your partner for every occasion of your life.

1. For when you want to give him something just like that!

Running shoes that he wanted to buy. Or maybe just shoes with which he ‘walked into your life!’

2. For When you have to stay apart for sometime

Open when letters for different times when you are apart like when he wants to kiss you or when he misses you.

3. For your anniversary

A watch representing the time that you have spent together and also the time that you will spend in future.

4. For your loveaversary

A mason jar with cute little notes telling the reasons why you love him. It would be something different from cards!

5. For his Birthday

Cute and naughty coupons for your boyfriend which he can ‘redeem’ later. You can make coupons like ‘Breakfast in bed’, ’10 minute back massage’, ‘romantic dinner’, etc.


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