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Our lives are defined by what we do. It is often asked why do two people born at the same time and place lead different lives. The answer lies in their karma. The decisions that they take and what they choose to do outlines their future.
However, our bad karma can be reversed. By doing good deeds, we can alter the effects of our past mistakes. Astrology provides various remedies to undo our wrong doings and to improve our karma. Such remedies at least soften the effect, if not completely remove it.

The best remedies are the simplest. Feeding someone is one of the best remedy to alleviate your bad karma. Not only is it beneficial astrologically, it also makes one feel content from within. Some of the remedies for attaining the auspicious results from various planets involve feeding various animals.

To strengthen the Sun, feed monkeys with wheat, sweet bread loaf and jaggery.

Strengthening the positive effects of Moon requires you to feed horses and peacocks with rice and milk. By doing this, a person receives his/her ancestors’ blessings. In addition, one must seek their mother’s blessings.

For appeasing Mars, worship tiger and Lord Hanuman. Offer boondi laddoo to Lord Hanuman in the evening.

To obtain the blessings of Mercury and gaining intelligence, public speaking power, and power of convincing others and to be proficient in skilled professions, offer moong dal and green things to a goat or pigeons or feed a cow with green fodder.
In order to obtain auspicious results from Jupiter, one must worship lion. One can feed a white cow with chana dal soaked overnight and jaggery.

Do you wish to lead a life full of luxury and enjoy the finer things in life like art, music, dance and poetry? Appease the planet Venus which governs all these aspects. To do so, offer curd, camphor and butter to a cow or ox. Also offer sugar to ants.

To overcome the occult, tantric and evil black magic, appease Saturn. For pacifying Saturn, offer urad dal and almonds to buffalo.

For pacifying Rahu, offer mustard, coconut and barley to elephant or rat or offer sweet bread with milk to crows.

To obtain auspicious results from Ketu, offer sesame, milk and bananas to donkey, pig or black dog.

Follow these remedies for overcoming the difficulties in your life. These simple remedies, if done with devotion, give positive results and prove to be extremely beneficial.

These remedies are for reference purpose only. Please consult an astrologer to know the
remedies best suited for you and follow them accordingly.

To consult the expert astrologer, Tanuj Lalchandani, drop an email at [email protected] or visit his website here.


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