Will You Ever Appreciate Me, Mom Dad?

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Dear Parents,

No, this is not an open letter of any sort. Just something we teenagers always felt at some point of our lives.

Will you ever appreciate us for all the wrong things we never did along with pointing out things we should have done right?

For all those time when my friends took a puff of that cigarette but I never touched it because I knew how harmful it was for me. No, I do not want to try it or ever will. But can you appreciate how good I was? For all those days my friends were drunk and I did not try a sip because I knew you would never want me to! Can you hug me & tell me how proud you are, of me? For all those days when I could spend extra money on branded clothes and bags and watches, but decided not to, because I knew that you had a hard time saving for days. Can you sit with me and look into my eyes with all the affection and respect? For all those days when my friends were partying late night or went for a night out on new year’s, but I chose to spend the night with you guys on the dining table or for late night talks. Can you lay beside me, kissing my forehead, telling me how lucky you are to have a child like me.

I know these were things I was supposed to do. Anyway. But, like as a parent, you deserve to be treated special and good for all that you have sacrificed for us. DON’T WE?


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