Give Yourself A Colour Therapy With Nail Paints

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Colours have a lot of impact on our mood and how we feel.Same way the colors of our nail paint affect our mood too. Have you ever noticed that wearing a red nail pain makes you feel more confident? Wearing yellow nail paint makes you all bright and happy? So nail paints help us in color therapy and affect our mood. Here we will tell you how the color does its work through nail paints.

1. Red

Makes you feel more powerful and you feel more assertive with this color on your nails.
Wear it when feeling down and need to lift up your spirits.


2. Orange

It will get you revved up in a light hearted way. It is great for attracting what you want with material possession.

3. Yellow

It will keep you happy all day long. Wearing it will make you feel like anything is possible and it will get you through your day with smiles and happiness.


4. Green

It will give you a sense of abundance and prosperity. Money is green so wear it to get the financial matters done and feel more money minded.

5. Blue

It is a color of good communication and presentation. Wear it when you need to go for public speaking or when you have trouble expressing yourself.

6. Indigo

This color will surely bring out your natural intuition and wisdom. It is a great color for the times when you have to make tough decisions.

Purple Nails

7. Violet

It will get you into a creative mood and your imagination will be boosted. Wear it when you want to feel more in tune with life and other people.

8. Pink

It will help you feel calmer and you will be in a good mood when wearing this color. It will help you to connect with people and nurture relationship.

9. Black

This color makes you feel powerful but in a secretive way and also in the kinda protective way. Wear it when you want to protect your boundaries.


10. Silver

A shimmer with light gray will give your brain and mood an instant boost and keep you light and positive all day long.

11. Gold

It will give you a ‘rich’ feeling a sense of material abundance. Colors like copper and bronze would do the same.


12. Brown

Brown is a stable color and provides a sense of comfort and warmth with coziness. Wear it when you need to feel grounded and stable.


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