7 *Real* Marriage Vows You should Make On Your Wedding Day

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In India, the custom of making & circles around pure fire and taking vows with each round is of most importance. All the vows are very sacred and important. But time has changed, couples do not try to take them seriously and take them without truly understanding their meaning. A relation cannot sustain with just these 7 vows, it takes a lot more from both ends.

So here are a few vows that you should take o your wedding day in addition to those 7 sacred vows you make.

1. Promise to encourage, support and believe


say ‘yes you can do it!’ whenever your partner needs support because you are the most important person in their life so your support and believe would matter the most1

2. Promise to speak to them and about them with compassion and kindness


This is the core of any relation, if you are not kind and compassionate enough even behind their back, you are bound to fail. Complaining to others about them would make matters worse!

3. Promise to love self as much as we love them


If you cannot love yourself then you cannot love anyone at all. so love yourself and expect them to do the same!

4. Promise to respect boundaries and expect same


Everyone needs their own personal space. It is the most important thing, if you get too much into each other then, well it is said ‘too much of everything is bad’. You must give each other some space, not saying to keep secrets but to respect the boundaries!

5. Promise to never hurt intentionally

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Hurting each other intentionally can cause havoc on your relationship! If it is unintentional, you can make up to it but if it is intentional, then the excuses start to crop up and slowly things start to fall apart! Expect the same in return too!

6. Promise to let you be YOU


Well this is the most important one because most of the times, people expect their partner to change according to them but they forget that the other person has lived half of their lives differently so no one can change. Adjustments are different and with time and living together people do change but expecting the change is just wrong. The understanding and love makes the partners change according to each other just perfectly.

7. Promise to make time for them


This is the one promise that everyone should make because in today’s world people are together and yet not together. Make time for each other in the busy schedule. Time is oxygen for love, less time together can lead to its downfall!
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