7 Things Every Start-up Says- But What it Really Means!

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1. We are an Exciting and Dynamic company

What they mean-Everything is a total chaos over here!


2. We have a Relaxed and In-formal Work Environment

What they mean-Bullying on the workplace may occur occasionally.


3. We Work to ensure both Personal and Professional Development of our Employees

What they mean- we have an yearly team building day where we go bowling together.

office party

4. You must be able to work in a Fast Paced Environment and be able to Multi-task

What they mean- We are short staffed and will need you to carry the heavy load.


5. We are Looking for Someone Who is Service- Minded

What they mean-You better do what we tell you do- no questions asked!


6. Salary Based on Experience

What they mean- Lousy salary


7. We are Looking to Fill the Position ASAP

What they mean- Everything is falling apart, we are freaking out!


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