Best Love Stories By Indian Authors: Must Read!

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There is a thing about love that simply entices us to no end. We girls are sappy creatures who are a sucker for romance, well most of us are, and we love the happy endings and cry buckets if the endings are sad. Novels have a way of entering our imagination and making us feel like the story is ours!

The lovey-dovey words, the cute chats, the cheesy back stories and the romantic plot is what we love. There are many Indian novels that are an epitome of romance. SOme are good while some are simply amazing. So we bring to you that amazing collection of romantic novels by Indian authors that you must read.

1. 14th Feb: A Love Story

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This is a debut novel of author Veena C and is a winner in the best romantic novels in India. It revolves around the quests of Sanjay, a Chennai based guy, who plans to fulfil his American dream. His efforts bring him no positive results till 14th of February when he meets a girl named Gayatri. What happens next makes the crux of this wonderful love story.

2. You Were My Crush! Till You Said You Love Me!

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Another romantic novel by a very famous Indian author, Durjoy Dutta. This novel tells the story of a lazy, rich and spoiled brat named Benoy. The pretentious brat falls truly in love with a girl but she keeps pushing him away. Read it to find out how their story ends. His stories are always fun to read and you simply love how he writes romance.

3. It Started With a Friend Request

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Sudeep Nagarkar, one of the best authors on online love brings to us another love story that is simply amazing. In the story, Akash prefers girls with conservative values but one day meets a free-spirited girl Aleesha. They try to stay in touch by exchanging the Blackberry PINs but things are not easy as it seems. Will the other characters help them in their love story or they will part ways? Read it to find out!

4. A Half Baked Love Story

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A novel by Anurag Garg is a National Bestseller. The Love story of Aarav and Anamika is actually being told by Aarav in past tense to his friends after getting drunk on New Year’s Eve. When things return to the present, are they both still together? What happened? Things are not as they seem! They never are!

5. Untruly Yours

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This novel by Smita Shetty is truly relatable. It is the story of a Bengali woman, Natasha, married to a Tamilian guy, Rakesh. Both are NRIs and too much absorbed in their professional life. Rakesh is too busy in work to notice Natasha and so Natasha’s yearning for romance takes her to India where she bumps into her ex-flame. What will happen next?


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