Automobile Accident Lawyers Denver Colorado: Questions to Ask Before Hiring One!

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Dealing with a car accident injury can be a tough experience, especially if you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness. There are a multitude of decisions you have to make quickly. In situations like this, you need to seek help from automobile accident lawyers for legal assistance and representation. Here are some of the questions to ask before hiring the right lawyer for your case.



  1. What are your areas of specialization?


Obviously, you want a lawyer who can best represent your rights and interests as an automobile accident victim. You should seek the help of a legal professional who specializes in certain areas of law. For instance, if you’ve been involved in an automobile collision, having a lawyer who focuses their practice on personal injury cases can be a great option.


Nowadays, law firms such as the Legacy Car Accident Law Group have websites where they indicate the types of cases they handle. Hence, make sure you check a lawyer’s specialization before getting their legal services by visiting their office or their website.


  1. Have you taken cases similar to mine in the past?


Specializing in a particular area of law doesn’t mean the lawyer is skilled at it. That said, it’s best to inquire about their prior cases and the results. While their past performance isn’t a full guarantee of the success of your case, at least you’ll have a good feeling knowing that the lawyer you’re working with has successfully handled cases similar to yours in the past.


  1. How long does it take to hear and decide this case?


Being involved in an automobile accident in Denver, Colorado, can really be challenging and may disrupt your life activities. You may want to ask your lawyer for an estimate of how long it takes to reach a resolution of your case or a timeline of the negotiations and legal proceedings that you need to attend. By doing so, you can prepare yourself for such events and plan your schedule accordingly.


  1. Are your handling my case on your own?


In most cases, much of the legal work is taken care of by junior attorneys in the firm. While these people are qualified to handle your situation, it’s still essential that you hire a specific attorney who can represent you in all legal matters. When looking for a lawyer, ask the law firm about all the attorneys working on your case and who to contact if you want to know about the progress of your case.


  1. Have you been disciplined by any legal or ethics committee in the past?


Sometimes, people in the legal profession get involved in some trouble. Having been disciplined by any legal or ethics committee can be a red flag as this can reflect a lawyer’s ability to represent you in all legal proceedings. As a client, you can ask about a lawyer’s professional background including the disciplinary actions they were given before committing to their services.


  1. How often do you go to trial?


You shouldn’t hesitate to ask this question before hiring a lawyer. Insurance companies usually offer settlements that are less than the actual amount you can get if your case proceeds to trial. Your lawyer then needs to study your case to figure out the appropriate course of action to protect your rights. However, having a lawyer who rarely takes any case to trial might be a sign that they’re looking for a quick payoff instead of obtaining the maximum compensation to which you’re rightfully entitled.


  1. Do you work on a contingency basis?


Most automobile accident lawyers will not let you pay for their services but will get a portion from the compensation you receive should you win your case. This is commonly known as a contingency fee, which is favorable to you. Thus, make sure you ask them about this before making a hiring decision. Remember, it can be very expensive for you if the lawyer charges an hourly rate for your automobile accident case.


  1. Will you provide references from past clients?


These days, lawyers are allowed to give references from past clients. If you want to know whether previous clients were happy and satisfied with the lawyer’s performance, ask them if they can furnish you with references. That way, you’ll find out what to expect from them as well as some information about the results obtained.





If you’re looking to work with the right automobile accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado, ask these simple questions so you’ll be able to hire the best lawyer to handle your case. A good auto accident lawyer can make your recovery uncomplicated so you can move forward easily.






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