Time Management In a World Of Distractions

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Despite wanting a life that’s organized and efficient we keep sabotaging ourselves with our non-friendly, productivity habits. Checking your Facebook and Twitter and pinning just one more picture are to your boards, are enough to throw you off schedule. And it’s not just our social media addiction, our procrastination seems to be affected by a million other things, lack of motivation, confused priorities, improper organizing.

Scheduling Everything

What’s the most prevalent characteristic of a highly efficient person? They are disgustingly organized.

They schedule everything from how many sleep hours they get, to what their salad will include. It might seem too controlling, but if you actually get down to scheduling your life hour by hour, everything will fall into place.

You will know how this is a focus-on-work hour and this a Facebook one. It will give you a sense of control and give structure to your daily life and this , cannot but make your time management a breeze.


You have a million things to do. So does everyone else. The secret is to prioritize those 5 things and put everything into an hierarchy of urgency. Your presentation is more urgent than tweeting about Gaga, as is cooking a healthy dinner in contrast to a Game of Thrones marathon.

More practically, arrange 1-hour long windows which you dedicate for short tasks, like making calls, checking your email, Facebook etc.. This will allow you to then focus on the more demanding tasks you have in a mindful and efficient way.

Beat the clock, is a matter of prioritizing really!

Boosting concentration

Create boundaries and rules. Rule #14 You are allowed to go on Pinterest only after two hours of uninterrupted work. Rules like this will keep you motivated and concentrated until is time for a break.

Scheduling Break Times

Completely excluding timeouts will rob you off any motivation to work. The key here is to have ample time for fun and for just being lazy. Include breaks into your schedule and you will see your productivity soar once you resume on your tasks!

So, what are your tricks for managing your  time more efficiently?




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