Follow These Tips to Crack the Toughest Exam in the Country!

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The All India Pre Medical/Dental Test, also known as AIPMT is one of the toughest entrance examinations in the country. While thousands of students sit for this exam every year, only a handful few crack it. If you are also one of the AIPMT aspirants then we have some cool tips for you today.

With a whole lot of sincerity, dedication and these tips, you can definitely crack AIPMT 2016.

So, let’s get started.

1. Study Smart

If you are a believer of the phrase “Study hard”, then it’s time to forget it. Study smart is your new mantra. There is no need to study 20 hours a day. Create summaries of each chapter and go through them before the exams, and not the whole book. This way you’ll get enough time to take rest without missing out on studies.

2. Switch on you smart phone

Well, you heard it right. You can use your smart phone for exam preparations quite well. Is it sounding too good to be true? Well, download a scheduling app such as Planner, Schedule Planner Classic or to-do calendar and prepare a daily schedule with them. Now, stick to the schedule religiously. You’ll save a lot of time in a day, that you can use for other activities.

3. Relax

Over worked mind often functions poorly. Forgetting important details, fatigue, confusion are general signs of an overworked mind. So, take out time for relaxing activities such as singing, listing to music, swimming or any form of physical exercise etc. Relaxed well rested mind will be much better to grasp any information and prepare for an exam.

4. Test yourself

Testing oneself is important as it helps build confidence. So, take out the test papers and test yourself on regular basis. If you are going for a regular coaching class then you can do this there, otherwise you can simply do this exercise at home. Once the test is over check yourself or ask your teachers or seniors to check the results. Basis on these scores you can track your progress.

5. Time management

While preparing for the exam, distribute your time equally among all the subjects. Often times as we focus on one subject, and the others do not get the attention needed. Make a proper study schedule and stick to it.

6. Don’t start a new topic before the exam

If you have left out a topic, then starting it the night before exam will only add up to the anxiety and not help at all. So, stay away from this trap. It is generally advised to cover all the topics in the syllabus, but in case you have left out a topic, let it be so. Reading it at the last minute will do more harm than good.

7. Keep tab on current affairs

Update yourself with all that is happening. More often than not, current affairs form a part of the questioner. So, read newspaper or keep an eye on the television channels to your daily dose of updates.

8. Know the schedule well

Know all the information regarding the entrance very well. There are many websites where you will get the details about AIPMT 2016. Make sure to check them on regular intervals, so as not to miss out any vital information.

9. Keep you calm

Last but not the least, keep your calm in the examination hall. Try and relax your mind when you enter and do not get confused or tensed in the last minutes. So, these are some tips to clear your AIPMT. Use these tips and you’ll find the entrance way easier than you expected.


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