10 Eyeliner Styles That Will Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful!

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Girls, we all need to look fresh and happening while going to our colleges or offices and for that, we need to keep on experimenting new looks as in new hairstyles or eyeliners or clothes. So here I’ve got you 10 different eyeliner techniques which you can try and give a different plus amazing look to your beautiful eyes.

1. Rimming The Waterline

Make your yes look a little more big by applying eyeliner this way.

2. Dramatic Eyeliner

Have to attend a cocktail party? Add drama to your look and charm everyone!

3. Bold Bat Eyeliner

When going out for a night party, use this style, it’ll make you look sharp and bold!

4. Thin Eyeliner

For daily days at college and office, this is the style to rock on.

5. Smokey Eyeliner

Go out with smokey eyeliner and never get out of style. You’re gonna rock this one, chika!

6. Eyeliner for Small Eyes

This style will enhance your eyes and make them look bigger!

7. Soft Cat Eye

Cat eye is everygreen but this is soft cat eye, will only highlight your eyes a little bit and make them look beautiful as never before.

8. Cat Eye

This style is to stay foreve. Just put the cat eye and show the devil look inside you.

9. Eyeshadow Eyeliner

This is the best style for a marriage when you don’t want to look either overdressed or underdressed.

10. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is my favorite. Suit best on the girls with big eyes.

Girls, try all the styles on different occasions and amaze everyone with your charm!


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