Celebrating Womanhood! No Photoshop On Swimwear Model’s Butts

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Whenever we look for any brand, we always look at those flawless models with perfect skin, body and shape. It is very natural for us to find them totally perfect and we never expect them to look anything less! We are used to it but what we see is not the reality, we do not expect to look at the bodies like us. Since now people are becoming more aware and accepting womanhood as it should have been ages ago, there are brands like Rheya Swim that embrace the reality as it is.

This L.A.-based brand Rheya Swim, took everyone by surprise with visibly striped bottoms modeling a two-piece. Even though the bottoms were perfectly toned and taut with very subtle stretchmarks still they looked realistic and not like the perfect butt-cheeks that we are used to seeing.
Chloe Madison, the 21-year-old founder and designer said

“It was intentional,”

She added that the models in the photos are actually herself and her best friend.

“When we got back photos from retouching it was shocking. I didn’t really recognize my body–enhanced to someone else’s idealistic version of it, I sent it back and asked for all of that [retouching]to be stripped off and it made me feel better about it.”

She admitted:

“There was a level of insecurity over the stretch marks and ‘blotchy skin’,
I thought, I wonder if people are going to notice and compare it to other sites where models look completely flawless? But, ultimately I thought it was the right way to go,”

According to Madison the goal of her brand is to accentuate and ‘celebrate a variety of curves’ and this is just a part of it. That is why her designs are always such, to accentuate waist and come only in solid colors, so that the attention is towards the woman wearing it and not the swimsuit.

The best part is that the brand didn’t even make a big deal out of it! It did not use this point to make a selling pitch out of it. People just happen to notice it!

Where many brands and actresses talk about womanhood and stretch marks to gain publicity, this brand did its job in silence and they did it very well I might add!
When we browse the shopping sites, we always see at the models and think that we need to be that perfect to be able to look beautiful or to wear those outfits but Madison said.

“I would rather purchase something I could relate to and I could see myself in as opposed to someone that doesn’t even look like a real person.”



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