Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar You Should Know

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Apple cider vinegar is good for health, skin and hair. It is an all rounder yet used very less in India. It has been used for centuries and can be used for following purposes:

1. Apple cider vinegar makes a very good toner and removes the blemishes from the face. Take a mixture of half water and half apple cider vinegar(ACV) and apply it on the face with a cotton. It also helps to boost the pH value of the skin.

2. If you have bad breath, you can use ACV as a mouth wash. It is great for oral hygiene and you will never have bad breath again.

3. You can use ACV to clean your tiles at home. Due to a large amount of alcohol in it, it helps to clean the tiles.

4. ACV can treat your itchy scalp. Make a mixture of half ACV and half water and apply it on the scalp for a few minutes then wash it off with luke warm water. It also gets rid of dandruff.

5. ACV helps you to get rid of the product build up that you feel you have in your hair. Wash off your hair with ACV or simply apply 50-50 mixture of ACV and water and wash with luke warm water.

6. ACV also helps you to get rid of cellulite. Drink a mixture of two spoons of ACV and one glass of luke warm water in morning and you will see the difference after some days.

7. Apple cider vinegar can also be used to fade away the bruises and also remove warts in the body.

8. ACV is one solution for cholesterol problem. Drinking a mixture of ACV(2 tablespoons) and water(1 glass) will help in lowering your cholesterol level.

9. ACV helps in the maintenance of pH level in the body which leads to detoxification of the body. It also strengthens the bones.
10. ACV helps in maintenance of body weight. Add 2 spoonfuls of ACV to a glass of water and have it before lunch and dinner. It will improve digestion and increase metabolism aiding in weight loss.


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