8 Things No One Told You About Working In The Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is one such place which is surrounded by a lot of myths especially in a country like India where women are preferred to stay at home and wear full clothes and keep themselves covered and reserved. But the things are changing and changing at a fast pace. Females these days do not stay behind and be a stay at home wives, in India too, they are becoming more of the torch bearers.

You get most of the knowledge about the fashion world by watching the movies. For a girl who grew up watching movies like fashion, heroine, the devil wears Prada, etc, and for the girl who always wore her mother;s saree, draping it in different styles, it is a dream to work in the fashion industry. But when the time comes to actually enter into this world, you get scared because of all the negative things you have heard about it and for the fear of not being enough.

Well, here are a few things that you must know before you make your decision of working in or not in the fashion industry.

1. Be friendly

being friendly and having a kind and approachable attitude will take you forward in this industry. It is always appreciated and you get a positive response, after all, a little smile would harm no one, right?

2. You gotta do it all

In olden times, the scenario was such that you did only what you were assigned to do like the editors edited, the stylist styled, but the things have changed now, you get to move out of your comfort zone and try your hands on everything. One person gets to style, write the tweet and even make the presentations. So now the things are not hierarchical, You have to be ready for the 360-degree experience of the things.

3. It is not that intimidating

The one thing that scares most of the people is that how will they be able to work under and with such talented people, they are afraid that they will make a fool of themselves. But the actual things are quite different, people are people, after all, they too have to eat, breathe, they too make mistakes and they too start5ed just like you. So you need to relax because you will be just fine!

4. You will see loads of women

Well, this is understandable that in this industry, you will work more with women rather than men, so you need to prepare yourself for the same. If you are the kind of girl who always had guy friends and was surrounded by them all the time, you will have to adjust a bit. You need to forget the gender balance and be ready to work with women and being surrounded by them all the time.

5. Take less stress

The dynamics of the fashion industry are ever changing. Something new is coming up even when you are reading this article, so you need to be flexible with your working hours and adjust to those rapidly, especially if you are into online content writing. The sooner you learn to take less stress about it, the better it would be for you.

6. Varied internship

Intern in various fields of the industry, it may seem that the jobs in the fashion industry are all kind of same but the things, in reality, are quite different. It would be better if you had an experience in many fields. The best internships will be those that will make you learn the things that you did not want to do.

7. Fashion schools are not always right for you

If you want to go into designing, then it would do you good to join a fashion school but if you want to go into blogging or editorial, magazine, then you should opt for regular graduation course and then learn about the fashion world with the help of internships. That would widen your horizon of knowledge.

8. Everything that glitters is not gold!

It is not as glamorous as it seems. When you look at things from outside, it may seem quite fun and glamorous but in reality, it is work, after all, you need to work hard, stay focused and give it your day and night to be successful. It is fun when you love what you do, it is glamorous when you are climbing the success ladder but behind the scenes, it is filled with the long hours of tedious work, sometimes even manual labor and sleepless days.

So now that you know what all to expect from the fashion industry, hope it would be easier for you to prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Wish you all the best for your future in the fashion industry.

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