6 Hair Care Myths That Need To Die Now!

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Hair care is such an ancient concept and everyone around you has one or the other advice for you regarding your hair problem. Hair styling and all the chemical laden products these days are causing so much harm to the hair that you start to believe in whatever you hear regarding your hair while you should be doing the opposite because you will hear something different from all the people you talk to regarding the same problem. Your mother will tell you one thing and your friends will advise something else, then your parlour did will tell you totally another thing and you favourite actress will tell you which product to use.

So here are a few myths regarding hair care that you need to stop believing in.

1. Conditioner makes your hair oily

It is not the conditioner that makes your hair oily but the way you use it does. You should not take the conditioner close to your scalp. Unless you have a very dry scalp, it should only be applied to the tips of the hair. the scalp produces natural oil and adding conditioner to that mix will definitely make it oily. The correct way is to apply it on the tips where the hair become dry. So it is not the conditioner that makes your hair oily but the incorrect way you use it that does.

2. Shampooing daily is important

Stop damaging your hair and scalp by doing such a chemical onslaught on them. Washing your hair daily can lead to more oil production in scalp because the scalp will automatically start producing more oil to protect it. This will strip your hair of its natural shine and oil. Imagine all the chemicals that you wash your hair daily with, what havoc would they be causing up there! Wash your hair less regularly and dilute it with water before use.

3. Going all organic and never shampooing

Using natural herbs to wash your hair is a good idea but skipping shampoo all together is a big no no. Today, there is so much pollution and with all the styling and chemicals used, it is just not enough to wash your hair with the organic herbs you find in your kitchen. you need to use shampoo to get totally clean hair plus those herbs will not cater to the specific needs of your hair.

4. Colouring hair turns them grey

This is one of the biggest myths out there. Colouring and turning of your hair into grey colour are totally unrelated. If your hair is grey, they will show up regardless of your colouring them. Colour does not damage your hair, rather it nourishes them and adds more shine to it.

5. Getting layers will make your hair fall out

Many of us believe that getting a hair cut in layers will make them fall out and make hair thin, but this is one of the most ridiculous myth out there. All the top stylists say that falling out of hair has nothing to do with how the hair tips are cut, it all depends on the internal hair follicle.

6. Regular hair cut makes your hair grow faster

This is not correct, regular hair cut does not do anything to aid in hair growth. You should get a hair cut when you have split ends because not getting a hair cut for a long time might have caused some sl=plit ends to grow which stops the hair growth. No matter what your hair stylist tells you, your hair growth will stop only if you have split ends and cutting them regularly will not aid in hair growth.


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