All You Need To Know About The Female Condoms!

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You might have heard about it but are not really sure what is it or rather how to use it. The female condom is a natural barrier method of birth control. But instead of going on the male private parts, it goes in a vagina.
Yes! It might sound crazy and you would be like ‘dude! what the heck!’ but these are seriously gaining popularity because of their benefits.

Here is all you need to know about this mythical creature:

1. It goes IN a vagina then it has to be taken OUT

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It is basically like a male condom with rings at both ends. The inner ring is made of polyurethane and is there to help you push it back into the vagina so it stays in place during sex. The outer ring actually stays outside of the vagina, covering the vulva. It is designed so to feel and function like a second skin!

2. Provides greater protection against Herpes and HIV

Since there is lesser skin contact in this condom because the outer ring covers more surface, the chances of diseases reduces. Thus, it is better than male condoms.

3. Latex-free

The product is made up of nitrile, which is the same material used for surgical gloves. Thus is great for those who do not like the feel of latex or are allergic to it.
Due to this new material they feel more natural and you do not lose the sensation through them!

4. Same pregnancy protection as female

The failure rate of female condoms is 5% while that of male condoms is 2%. So both are kind of equally effective. This is also affected by the fact that most people do not know how to use the female condoms correctly.

5. Takes a few tries to get used to it!

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You need to be careful while inserting them, if you have used vaginal cups then you might know how to do it. Otherwise, try to be patient and practice one or two times before you go for the deed!

6. It is pre-lubricated

The product is pre-lubed and you can feel it as soon as you open the packet but if you want to use some oil, you are free to use them.
This is a good thing because you actually cannot use oils with latex so using oils with male condoms makes them less effective!

7. keep the outer ring in place while going at it in the start

Make sure that you keep a hold on the outer ring on the first thrust so the condom doesn’t not pushed inside along with it. Go hands free only when you feel that you are comfortable. If you feel it being pushed in or to the side then stop what you are doing and use another one.

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