How to style a modern kurti and lehenga!

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Kurta and lehenga are worn hand in hand to festivals and religious ceremonies. You can Style up your wardrobe by making bold matches to produces sophisticated chic looks.

Here are some modern kurti-lehenga styles you should definitely try out

Peplums style kurti with a lehenga

The peplum style is currently one of the trendiest designs in the fashion industry. It fits all body type and creates a better shape for people with broad shoulders. The peplum kurti, styled with a lehenga creates a modern and sophisticated look. You can wear this outfit to work events, formal meetings and a casual meeting.

Long sheer kurti with floral lehenga

It is common to see this outfit in different parts of India. The long kurti and lehenga combination has been around for a while. Even though the look is common, you can switch it up by wearing a sheer kurti instead. Sheer kurti is transparent, so you have to wear a spaghetti top or bralette underneath. Go for an a-line kurti so that the hemline complements the flair of your lehenga.

Asymmetrical kurti with a wide lehenga
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Asymmetrical hemlines are a favourite among many Indian women. They make your outfit more modern and creative. Asymmetrical kurti come in many shape and designs, the most famous being the high-low kurti.  Are you looking for a fashionable, sophisticated ethnic look? Then this is the style for you. You can rock this outfit to casual events, festivals and cultural ceremonies.

A-line kurti with pleated lehenga

You probably own an A-line cut kurti in your wardrobe that you don’t wear. A line kurti are common, but you can style yours to look unique. The a-line of the kurti complements the flair of a pleated lehenga. For a bold and dramatic look, find a lehenga with more pleats than the usual. When paired with the kurti, you will have a gown-like look that will stand out in a crowd. Stylecaret offers the best a-line kurti designs. They are stylish and can match well with pleated lehenga.

Side slit silk kurti with lehenga

Everybody loves a slit on their kurti. The common side slits run from the hips to the hemline of your kurti. You can chose between one side slit and more depending on the size of your body.  If you have a full sized body, choose a kurti with 2 to 4 side slits. This look is modern and fully ethnic. If you are going for a printed look, choose a plain kurti and printed lehenga. The kurti shows off your figure while the lehenga lights up the outfit.

Collard neck kurti paid with lehenga
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This style is appropriate for the youth and middle aged females. A collar adds a western touch to the kurti. A collard kurti has the design of a polo shirt but is longer and made of a different material. This is the ultimate look for a casual event and normal daily activities. This outfit looks better with block colors. Avoid wearing too many prints and patterns with this outfit.

Lehenga with front- slit kurti

A front slit makes your outfit stand out. On a kurti, the slit starts at the waistline or above the belly button and ends at the hemline. You can choose to wear a choli or crop top under the kurti if you feel it may be to revealing.  This outfit creates a modern, trendy and sophisticated look. You can wear this in all types of prints or decorations as long as they do not contrast on the outfit.  this ensemble is fit for both casual and formal events.

Lehenga and Chinese collar kurti

The Chinese collar is bold and stylish. You can wear this outfit to any event at any time. The Chinese collar on a kurti creates a modern, elegant look.  You can draw all the attention to your look by wearing a Chinese collard kurti with embroidery and embellishments. They add more style and culture to a plain kurti. Ensure your lehenga is plain, but matches the colour of your kurti.

A sleeveless straight cut kurti with slits
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A sleeveless kurti may just be what you need for a day out during summer. They are loose and keep you cool during the summer heat.  The sleeveless kurti comes in many designs but the slit kurti are more unique and sophisticated.  The slit can be at any point of your kurti, it all depends on your state. Multiple slits on a sleeveless kurti creates a nice silhouette with you lehenga.

A short kurti with a lehenga

By short, I mean a hip or waist sized kurti. This is a modern look for middle aged females. You can wear this to formal places like work, and casual events like school and everyday activity. It all depends on how you style the kurti. For an official look, ensure the kurti is fitting. The kurti should stop at the waist line. Ensure your lehenga starts immediately where the kurti stops; you do not want to expose any skin at formal events.

Layered sheer lehenga with kurti flaring kurti

Layering your clothes is stylish, creative and accentuates your figure.  A sheer lehenga creates a modern look for your outfit. The sheer of your lehenga are layered to create a round, gown-like structure for your lehenga. The flair of the kurti accentuates the shape of your lehenga. A block colored kurti and a floral lehenga is the best design for this look.

Bell sleeved kurti with a lehenga

The bell sleeve is modern and trendy.  You can wear this outfit to both casual and formal events. If you want it to look more formal, ensure you wear a fitting, block colored top with your lehenga. For a casual event, chose a colourful top with a printed or embellished lehenga.

Final word

The kurti and lehenga are traditional outfits that you can style in more ways than one.  Most kurti and lehenga ensemble are fit for any social event, which is very convenient. Add some style to your wardrobe with some unique modern kurti and trendy lehenga designs


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