7 Things About Breasts You Probably Did Not Know!

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We all wear bra everyday and go on with our lives but do we pay attention to actually what we are stuffing in that bra? No. We know very less about them and we do not even bother to know more!

So here is a list of some interesting facts about breast that will leave you surprised and a bit more knowledgeable.

1. Breast can have orgasm

Yes, that’s right. Stroking, twisting or simply caressing boobs turns you on and activates the same region of your brain as genital stimulation does. So yeah, they can orgasm!

2. Erect nipple not only means excitement but something else too!

They get erect when you feel cold or when there is sensation from rubbing against the cloth you wear, so you are not always turned on when they are erect.

3. Their size fluctuates

Well this acts as a boon and a curse both. Boobs can swell up to 25% when you are aroused and they also swell during some time during your periods. So they keep fluctuating in size.

4. No one is happy with their size

research proves that 70% of women are unhappy with their breast size, either they are too small or too big for them.

5. Uneven breasts are common and natural

often we wonder why our boobs are asymmetrical, well, the answer is obvious, due to the hormonal changes. It leads to growing of one boob before the other so they vary in size. And also due to the space occupied by our heart makes one side a bit bigger than the other.

6. There is actually something called ‘man breast’

Yes, men can have breast too, they have this medical condition called gynecomastia where they face hormonal imbalance which causes enlargement in breast and there may be discharge from one or both breasts.

7. Smoking results in sagging

Yes, smoking affects breast badly. More often , women who smoke have saggier breast because cigarette contains a chemical that breaks body’s elastin.
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