Over 15 Uses Of Pink Himalayan Salt And Where To Get It

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Salt is not always bad, Yes, you heard right! If the salt is pink Himalayan salt, then it is definitely good! Yes, there is a pink salt that is gathered from the Himalayan Mountains and the mineral is the purest form of salt you will ever come across.

For over hundreds of years, the pink Himalayan salt has been used for the healing purpose and has an array of benefits. It has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties and also the culinary benefits.

The pink salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron, so it makes food healthy along with making it taste better.
The pink salt is mined by hands as compared to the regular table salt which goes through many unnatural interferences.

Uses Of Pink Salt:

1. Body and bath scrub
2. Salt lamp
3. Preserve fish and meat
4. Substitute processed salt

Health Benefits Of Pink Salt:

1. It strengthens the bones

2. It is known to improve blood circulation

3. It helps to relieve muscle cramps

4. It assists intestines in nutrient absorption

5. It promotes healthy Ph balance

6. It improves respiratory problems

7. It is known to induce sleep

9. Aids in digestion

10. It purifies the air

11. Helps in case of migraines

12. It promotes brain health

13. It aids in better metabolism

Beauty Benefits Of Pink Salt:

1. It is one of the best exfoliators for skin

2. Helps in detoxifying skin

3. It has anti aging properties

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