You Should Clean Your Pillow More Often Due To This Reason

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More than often we forget to clean our household items like pillows, sofa, fan, etc. But pillow makes the top of the list. You must keep in mind to have your pillow cleaned every other week. An unclean pillow is the home of many harmful things like dust, dead skin, little critters, so it would cause havoc on your health if you do not clean it more than often.

Sleeping on an unclean pillow can be too harmful to your skin and can cause acne and dull complexion.
Also inhaling the dust from the unclean pillow can cause serious health issues that may not come up now but will harm in future with the long term harm done.

Experts advise cleaning your pillow cover, every three week and pillow in every three months. If you have not washed your pillow in the past three months, no issues, just toss in in the washing machine when you do your laundry next time.

Check the label before you toss the pillow in the machine, many of them are not safe to be washed in a machine. Use a fragrance-free soap to wash the pillow and if you want, you can put a drop or two of lavender essential oil in the last wash to get the benefits of it while sleeping. Lavender essential oil will help you sleep better.

You can also work on that extra fluff by tossing in a tennis b all with the pillow in the machine while using the dryer.

Put in two pillows at a time to avoid damage and do not stuff too big of a pillow. Wash it in a mild speed, not to fast and then put it in the dryer. You can also add in a damp cloth damped by vinegar to get rid of any residual mildew and get the fresh pillow out.


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