Make a List: Buy Your Stuff Without Guilt!

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Many of us, especially the ladies (sorry girls) are considered as compulsive punters. Shopping for things can be really fun, especially if you got the money! Using credit cards for buying many things in the mall or a supermarket is a big no-no. Most of the time, admit it, we go to a big store with only a couple of things to buy in mind, but when we get there, we get easily hypnotized by some bargains and shiny things, so we end up going home hands full and more spaces in our wallet. At the end of the month, we wonder where our money went.

too much shopping

too much shopping

Before you go to a supermarket, list down all the things you desire to buy. They say buy your needs first, but I say buy what you want and what you desire. The term ‘need’ involves fear of not having something and like being desperate about getting it while ‘desire or want’ is what we deeply long for and will surely enjoy having. Anyway, that’s a little off the topic.

Going back, having a list of what you want to buy before going to the mall, gives you a mindset and a picture of what you’ll look like when you go out of the trading center. You can picture if you’re going to carry one large bag full of groceries or two. This technique is some kind of limiting your plan or more like setting up a discipline of limiting yourself. So, bring a list. Bring only your hard, cold cash a little over the expected cost, and leave your credit card at home – shopping without after guilt guaranteed!



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