*Unique* Ring Designs That You Would Want To Buy Right Now!

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Us women love jewellery, some love to wear earrings while some love neck pieces. But what is loved the most by all women is Rings. they add a special beauty to our hands and make them look more feminine. When I wear a ring I keep staring at my hand again and again, Yeah, I know it sounds creepy but I can’t help it, they look so good with the ring on and I simply love rings like that!

Yeah so, this is a post of MY favourite ring designs from pinterest. Whenever I go to a jeweller for rings, I will definitely be asking him for one of these types!

Hope You would like them!

1. Loopsided Asymmetrical Diamond Ring

This one is a diamond ring and looks so delicate and the design is something different from your normal diamond rings. It will give you a classy look without over doing things, you get what I mean right?

2. Wavy Champagne Diamond Ring

This one again is a diamond ring, well, who doesn’t love diamonds! It is a different kind of a design which seems like you are wearing many rings together and the champagne color of the gold is just perfect for the look!

3. Gold Leaf Ring

This ring is of gold and has a unique girly design which gives you a contemporary look that is so much in trend right now. This ring totally would go with your Indo-western look!

4. Diamond Multi Band Ring

This one is my favourite of all. It is a bit heavy but the look and the design are so perfect that you fall in love with it in just one look!

5. Convertible Sapphire Ring

This one is so cute, when you look at your hand from a distance it looks as if a small butterfly is sitting on it. The sapphire adds to the charm!

6. Gold Trinity Ring

This dainty ring is really chic and the single diamond adds to the beauty of it. It goes perfect with girly look and you will simply love wearing it!

7. Flower Ring

Finally these flower rings, they are just so cute, all three of them! Wear them with ethnic or traditional, they go with all!

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