Oiling 101: A Complete Guide To Oil Your Hair To Perfection!

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A great head massage is the only thing that lets you relax and nourishes your hair like nothing else. Oiling is very important for a healthy lock of hair but what is more important is how the oil is applied. Every drop is essential and every drop counts, so how can one actually make those drops count?

The answer is simple, by applying it properly! It will do no good if you simply dump the oil on your head and rub it in. There are proper steps to it and things to take care of.

So here is how you can get your oiling technique to perfection!

1. Hot oil

Hot oil penetrates into the scalp better, so bring the oil to lukewarm temperature and apply it on the scalp. Do not smoke the oil as it will burn the nutrients. Hot oil massage will not only relax you but also make you feel amazing about your hair.

2. Apply it properly

Do not simply drop the oil onto the scalp and rub it too hard. The correct way is to take the oil on cotton or on finger tips and apply it very gently on the scalp and then very gently rub it onto the length. This way the oil will reach both the scalp and the hair. Rubbing too hard can lead to split ends and damage.

3. Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage! Give yourself 15 minutes of the day and massage the oil into the hair. It will not only make your hair lustrous but also give them a boost. A gentle head massage from your mother is one of the best things in the world.

4. Have less time? Worry not!

If you do not have time to apply the oil at night or leave it on for even an hour, then do not worry, it has been proven that half an hour is enough for coconut oil to nourish your hair. What you can do to get the added benefit is that go for a head steam or use a hair dryer on low heat to allow the cuticles to open up and get absorbed easily.

5. Washing

Do not wash off your hair too many times to get rid of the oil. This may have counter effects on your hair and it will strip off your hair of their natural oil. Take a bit of shampoo and dilute it in the mug with water, use this mixture to wash your hair, this way you will consume less of shampoo and the natural oil of the hair will remain intact.


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