What Kind Of Bride Will You Be?! Your Zodiac Will Tell You…

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Hey there young lady, do you often wonder what kind of bride you’d make or would you be? What will make you cry, laugh, shock and anger you? Well, don’t go running to anyone yet just look up your zodiac sign. Yes, like every other personality trait, a bride’s demeanour, her personality, her actions-reactions etc. are determined by her zodiac sign!


An Aries woman has the perfect vision of life – she wants it all! She is in-charge of her life and equally in-charge of all the little details for her wedding. Plus, she prefers doing things her way so don’t be surprised if you see this bride-to-be running around for all her wedding-related errands. However, this can get very overwhelming for her and she does need to relax. She needs to learn to delegate and simply enjoy!



The forever practical Taurus will amass herself a trousseau that’ll be the envy of all present in the bride brigade. She will make sure that no useless expenditure takes place in the name of the wedding, and from day one will make lists and prepare plans to get only the best for herself, and yet manage to stay within the budget. The Taurus bride will be quite a sight, just like her wedding.



A Gemini bride is most likely to indulge in a destination wedding! With her mind always travelling to distances far and wide, she will have many great ideas that might seem impossible to the onlookers! For the jumpy, full of beans Gemini bride, it would be great if she narrows down on ideas way before her wedding and ensures she sticks to them!



If it was only your own emotions you had to deal with you’d be fine – but weddings are about happy, sad, nostalgic sentiments floating in from all corners, from all relatives, and that’s really a bit too much for you. You’ll probably be the bride who’d be chirpy one minute, and would start crying the very next. You’d be the bride who’d look around her old room and burst into tears and would insist on spending time alone with everything and everyone before she leaves.



The Leo bride thinks of herself as the queen and she will want a wedding fit for one! Plus, all eyes better be on her during the wedding preparations and on the big day else you can expect a tantrum coming your way! Mother Nature is biased towards Leos too and has blessed them with grace, charm, beauty, sex appeal and vivacity. Therefore, the gorgeous Leo bride will want to show it all off!



You, Virgo, are the unofficial wedding planner at your own wedding, No, not because others didn’t offer to take responsibilities off your shoulder but because you just can’t let anything be less than perfect on your big day – and so you oversee it yourself. We’d really advice you to delegate work and let yourself be pampered, or face the danger of turning into a bridezilla.



The Libra bride is the peacemaker between the families. She is beautiful, feminine and graceful. She will doll up enough in her silks and laces so that her friends and family obsess over her so much that there is no room for discrepancies. In short, she knows how to bake her cake and eat it too!



You are the bride who will do things her way and just as she likes them, ’coz it’s your wedding and no one else gets as big a say as you do. From the colour of your wedding lehenga to the amount of jewellery you’ll wear, to the people you want to invite – no, you won’t worry about pleasing anybody but yourself at your wedding.



A true wanderer at heart, a Sagittarian bride will want a destination wedding! However, the ever-optimistic bride needs to realise that not everyone, including the groom, will enjoy a sky-diving wedding! This bride needs to stay grounded else it can cause havoc!



You’d be the bride who won’t be interested in shopping only for her trousseau but would also be equal parts interested in knowing about and actively participating in all the rituals that are happening around her. You will live the experience that weddings are, and find joy and significance in each moment.



The Aquarius bride is mostly like to elope and will do so alone if the groom doesn’t comply with her wishes! Yes, she is eccentric and unpredictable. But when she does make up her mind to get married, she will want it all – traditional as well as crazy quirky ideas rolled into one day.



The Pisces bride is a girly girl. She loves her pinks, pastels, frills etc. A great soul, she wants everyone to enjoy her special day with her. She is a bride who’d rather fulfil others’ wishes before her own so that they can be happy too. However, she needs to learn that not everyone can be happy about her and therefore, she needs to do away with these toxic folks.



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