7 Food Items You Are Probably Eating At Wrong Time

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Consuming food at right time is as important as consuming right food. If you are consuming right food but at the wrong time, it will do you more harm than good.

Here is a list of 7 food items that you are having at wrong times which harms your health.

1. Milk

Morning is not a good time to have milk, you must have it at night. It will relax your muscles and allow the cells to absorb nutrients while you sleep.

2. Rice

Night is not a good time to have rice because your metabolism is slowest at that time. You must consume rice during daytime to avoid extra weight gain.

3. Curd

The best time to consume curd is during the day, it is a probiotic and helps in digestion. If consumed at night, it can cause problems in the respiratory tract.

4. Sugar

Morning is a good time to consume sugar because it can easily be burned during the whole day’s activities. Our body insulin in the morning is more effective in fighting sugar. Night is the worst time to consume sugar!

5. Banana

It should be eaten in the noon, due to the content of antiacids, it helps in heartburn. The night is the worst time to have banana because it is rich in magnesium and can cause stomach troubles.

6. Apple

They must be consumed in morning, night is the worst time to have them because they are rich in organic acids.

7. Pulse and beans

They must be consumed at night as they lower the cholesterol levels and also will aid in digestion. Food rich in fiber must be avoided in the morning as it raises your appetite.


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