10 Most Amazing Wedding Cakes EVER!!! You Would Wish That You Had Them!

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In India we don’t see much of an excitement for cakes in weddings except for a Christian wedding but they are very much there during receptions or anniversaries. Generally we go for normal traditional cakes because most of the time is spent on dresses and other arrangement for the functions. Most of the times the guests are there in a party just for cake and food so why not give them something that they will talk about for a long time!
Without saying much I would just show you some of the most amazing and beautiful cakes ever had in a wedding. You are so gonna be confused that whether to cut them or keep them as they are!
Indulge into the sugary deliciousness below:

#1 Topsy Turvey Cake

Isn’t this one so cute and simple! You would love to have such a cake at the reception with all the elegant flowery decor.

#2 Chocolate Helter Skelter wedding cake.

Just look at all the chocolaty and fruity deliciousness!! I probably won’t let any of my guests have a single piece of this cake.

#3 Story Cake

Won’t you love to have a cake showing your love story at your wedding in every tire! This is so romantic!

#4 Princess Wedding Cake

Well isnt this cake a beauty! Just look at the creamy flowers and design. I bet it is even more delicious!

#5 Flaky Wedding Cake

This creamy cake with unique design looks so delicious and the ombre shade given at each layer adds to the effect of its design.

#6 White Forest Wedding cake

This one is simple yet so cute and I just want to eat it up!

#7 Saree wedding Cake

Well never thought would see a cake like this, the saree design looks so real! By the way the bottle beside the cake is real! Right!?

#8 Red and White Wedding Cake

This one here again is an Indian wedding Cake with hints of red and gold.

#9 Detailed Ombre Wedding Cake

All this detailing and design is so intricate! Is it really a cake or just stones wrapped in cloth?

#10 Peacock Wedding cake

Just have a look at it and tell me who wouldn’t want it at their wedding?
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