Health and Safety While Travelling

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What to do before, after and during travelling

Whether you’re a frequent traveller because of business or leisure, there are some invariable things everyone should attend to for safe and healthy travelling experiences.

Eat healthily

Travelling safe and confident

Even snacking doesn’t need to be fat –laden, you can be smart be pre-packing healthy and nutritious snack to nimble on when hunger cravings hit you on the train or plane. During travel opt for unprocessed, fresh foods, like fruit and vegetables than that 12000 calorie burger.

Exercise when possible, so what if you’re in a 9-hour long flight? This is no excuse for not moving around! For proper blood circulation and sustainable energy levels, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to move around, even if it means just a 1 minute walk to the bathroom.

Hydration; especially when travelling by plane, dehydration is a big issue, plan in advance by drinking plenty of water and having some always readily available. It’s also recommended that you have a rich moisturizer at hand and regular eye drops for refreshing your dry eyes.

Be medically prepared

If you’re going to a transatlantic trip or to a third world country, it is highly advices that you  become aware of all health precautions and actions you need to take. Immunisation to certain diseases like malaria, yellow fever, bird flue and so on might be necessary.

First aid travel kids should also be part of your luggage. Take with you medication you need to take, but also to address any impromptu injury or illness such as diarrhea, nausea, dehydration and so on.

Don’t forget to take sun block and insect repelling-gels to avoid sunburns and bites. Avoiding any risky behavior during and while travelling is also essential for keeping yourself safe and healthy.

All these tips with the ‘be medically prepared’ tip being an exception, should be followed not only during transportation, but for the whole stay of your travel. This will ensure that your body will remain strong, thus protected it from exhaustion and illnesses.



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