Really Cool Life Hacks For Everyday Problems You Will Be Thankful For!

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There are so many everyday problems that we face and don’t really have a solution to. We don’t even know that a solution for them exists and keep feeling helpless.
But girls, no more! this article contains some really cool hacks which are going to solve many of your problems in minutes.
So here we go:
1. On you just have to enter the ingredients that you have and it will tell you the dishes that you can make out of them.
So now whenever you don’t know what to cook just enter the ingredients and Ta-da! you have so many options to choose from!

2. Broke something? Need it fixed immediately? Just go to it will tell you how to fix anything.
So even if the repairman is taking a long time to come, just do it yourself.

3. Rub Canola or olive oil on your knife before cutting the onion, it will prevent the eyes from tearing up.
No more crying!

4. Don’t have a candle? Burn a crayon, it lasts for 30 minutes.
No more siting in the dark!

5. If you lost an android phone in your house and it is on vibrate you can find it, just go to google play>android device manager>’ring’.
Now no worries if the phone is lost!
6. Feeling down? You can instantly uplift your mood by eating one of these food items: oatmeal, cereal, salmon, milk, dark chocolate, banana.
Say no to bad mood, have food!


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