5 Things You Do Wrong When Shaving Down There

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There are many people out there who have their own opinions about getting rid of pubic hairs. Some say it is good to wax, some are in favour of shaving while some only go for trimming. Some say that they must be totally removed while some go for partial shaving. There are a lot of things out there. But for most of the women out there go for shaving because it is easy, cheap and saves time and let’s be honest, we totally cannot afford that kind of pain down there!

But when you take things into your own hands, there are many things that you might be doing wrong, after all, you are not a professional! So here is a list of things you should take care of while shaving your pubes.

1. Shave it all

While it is an easier method to shave the pubes, it would be quite difficult to shave the area near your labia. If you want the area to be totally hair free, then it is better to go to a professional and get it waxed. shaving it may cause a problem because you will not be able to see properly down there and you might accidentally cut yourself and cause skin irritation.

2. Not trimming

Whether you are shaving for the first time or after a while, it is important that you trim the hair first to reduce the length of hair so that it becomes easy to shave and prevent skin irritation too.

3. Shaving as soon as you enter the shower

This is like the cardinal rule of shaving, hair is coarse naturally so they need to be exposed to steam and hot water in order to allow the hair follicle to become soft and allow easy shaving. So first take shower and let the hair become soft, then shave them off to avoid ingrown hair and red bumps.

4. Using old razor

Well, this is what you must have heard loads of time but you still do it. Using an old and dull razor is like going to cut a shrub with a plastic sword. You are inviting ingrown hair and red bumps by using such a razor. try to use a new razor and the ones specially designed for pubic hair.

5. Using shower gel

This is a big no since the skin down there is quite sensitive and hair quite different, they need something to soften them up before shaving. Using a conditioner or a shaving cream might be a better idea. Apply the conditioner all over the area, then let it sit for 2 minutes before shaving.


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