How To Improve The Texture Of your Skin! NATURALLY!

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Okay, so ladies! Is your skin getting duller day by day and is it one of the major reasons you are bothered? I have come up with few effective and natural tips that will help you achieve that healthy glow back on your skin.


1. Essential oils.


Oils are a must when it comes to a regular beauty regime. I personally like to use Kama Ayurveda’s Jwalini skin retexturizing oil. It can be used in multiple ways. I use it as an after sun lotion, an under eye lotion and as a night cream. Coconut oil is again a miraculous oil it will cool down the temperature of your skin, reduce the redness and marks and will give you that beautiful looking skin in no amount of time! Pick up any natural oil according to your skin type and use it regularly at the same time every day for maximum results.


2. Infused water.

infused water'

Infuse a bottle of water with fresh fruits or cucumber. You can even use mint leaves and basil leaves. Store it and keep sipping it throughout the day. This will flush all the toxins out of your body and will keep your skin hydrated and fresh for a very long time.


3. Banana mask.

bannana mask

Mash a banana mix it with milk. If you have an oily skin mix it with rose water or even plain water. Massage this paste on your skin and wash it after good 30 minutes for that fresh glow! This face pack will rehydrate your skin and will give a moisturizing effect.


4. Exercise.


Now you don’t have to get a fancy gym membership. Just any physical activity that will make your skin sweat will be amazing! Sweat will naturally remove all the impurities from your body and exercise will improve blood circulation which is a big THUMBS UP for skin health!


5. Hygiene.


Always and always use an anti-bacterial face wash or soap in summers. I personally like to use Himalaya’s neem and turmeric soap for both my face and body. The focus should be more on health than beauty. If you will take care of your skin hygiene it will automatically give you beautiful results!


Have happy skin day:)


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