20 Habits That Tell You Are Just Addicted To Make Up

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You wear make up all the time, from your waking up selfie to going for grocery shopping, you cannot step out without your make up. You own nail paints and lip colours in every imaginable colour, no matter you wear them or not.

Here are 20 signs which show you are a complete make up addict.

1. You make the mascara face even when you are not applying it.


2. Your eye-liner skills for winged, arched, cat eye and what not are like a pro.


3. Applying that perfectly blended eye-shadow is no big deal for you.

eye shadow

4. Even you don’t know how many lipsticks you own.


5. Sometimes you feel you need more space to keep your make up.

more space

6. While travelling your vanity bag becomes your vanity suitcase.

vanity suitcase

7. You know all the lip colours by their respective names and numbers.

lipstick names

8. There is make up residue on everything within ten feet of you.

make up residue

9. Free samples are always welcomed.


10. Best day of the month is when you beauty box arrives.

beauty box

11. Sometimes being late is unavoidable.


12. Removing make up before bed leaves you heartbroken.

make up removal

13. But the day the right people don’t notice you is just a waste of your make up.


14. Your birthday gifts are mostly beauty products or gift cards from your favourite brands.


15. You know all beauty techniques and every minute detail about it.


16. You save money to spend at sales buying your favourite make up.

make up sale

17. Your biggest fear is your favourite lipstick shade being discontinued.


18. You have same lipstick in your bag, at home and at work so that you always have one.

lipstick everywhere

19. You know your beauty addiction can make you bankrupt someday.

no money

20. But in the end, who cares.



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