The Dark Side of Your Zodiac Sign You Always Ignored!

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Nothing’s ever black or white. This holds true for our characteristic traits as well, which are defined by your zodiac. While we constantly try to bring to light our best attributes, we consciously overlook our negatives. We need to acknowledge these atrocious, bad-ass traits and reinvent ourselves.

Disclaimer: Dare to read only if you can handle the truth.

Here are the aforementioned negative characteristics that each zodiac sign possesses. Check ‘em out:

Since I happen to live with one, I have had the chance to observe the nagging, temperamental and sometimes, too harsh personality traits of an Aries. The arrogant Aries is often too self- absorbed and self-assertive that they overlook the crisis in someone else’s life. Their unshaken belief that they know it best puts their comrades on the backseat licking their wounded pride. Highly aggressive and impatient, Aries can turn into the fiery beast when things go awry that you dare not be around.
This said, I have to see tomorrow’s daylight, so I better not awaken the monster. These beautiful and highly positive creatures will instill positive vibes all around them. They never take their loved ones for granted. I love them!

These lazy lads will do anything to not do anything! Lazy to the core and as stubborn as mules, never expect them to budge in an argument. Taureans are achingly possessive. Do not try to make them jealous as this might lead to resentment, on their part, for a really long time. So fellas, don’t push the limit and let the bull rest under the shady greens. Material comforts are also vital to their existence.
Although they have certain greys in their characteristics, yet their generosity and down-to-earth nature makes them a catch to hold onto.

This one’s a case of split personality. They lack decision-making ability as they are constantly travelling in two boats. They are the jack of all trades but master of none. Being an airy sign, they have a hard time staying on one thing for long. Their quick minds and sharp tongue can be a deadly combo. By the time you start picking up pace in a conversation, they would have already delved onto another topic. This can seriously be annoying. Never kiss and tell! Hold onto this mantra and keep your secrets under your tongue when with a Gemini, unless you want the whole world to know your embarrassing stories. Yes, the gossip around the office about you is definitely the doing of a Gemini. They will cook up the most incredulous stories which will make you go ballistic. Geminis can be fickle and superficial.
They are the best entertainers in a group and you would enjoy their wit and humor to the core.

‘It’s all about loving your family,’ quoting Karan Johar here. Yep, that’s right- Family first! Now you may be wondering how this could possibly be bad. Well, their true identity often gets lost in the family circus. Some really close friends of mine happen to belong to this sign and over the years, the one thing that vexes me most about them is that they just can’t let it go. They will stretch an issue like a chewing gum until you decide to give up. They run high on emotions which drives those around them nuts. Extremely moody and manipulative, these crazy crabs will envy others’ success but then will work extremely hard to reach their goals. Oh my God, they are sensitive as a baby and you will see them wallowing in self-pity every now and then.
Come on Cancerians! The world isn’t such a bad place after all. We all adore your caring nature but don’t forget who you are while playing house.

With a gigantic pride and ego, making their way onto the list are the lazy Leos. Really? Did I hurt your pride already? Their sharp opinions and judgmental ways may get them many glares and a lot of flak from their fellows. When the lion gets angry he can be hard to tame. At such a time, it would be prudent to leave them alone and guard yourself. Beware of the Leo’s charm because once they set their eyes on something, they will stop at nothing to achieve it. They are so headstrong and stubborn that you may end up draining yourself out completely in order to convince them.
The kings of the jungle, Leos, have immaculate leadership qualities and are people with a generous heart.

You are bound to be impressed with their wit and intelligence at first but listening to a Virgo chat away all night can be a painful ordeal. They can be too critical about themselves as well as others. Their cynical views are best left to them. A fun visit to the mall can turn into a nightmare if your Virgo isn’t able to find that perfect pair of sandals. They, somehow, are never pleased with the outcome and will criticize incessantly. Big-time worriers, Virgos can be harsh and vengeful. Welcome to the real world!
All said, they make the best and most loyal friends. Their wittiness is incomparable.

These grudge carrying, self-pitying and self-indulgent creatures will do anything to avoid confrontations just because they want to be seen as agreeable. They may seem unemotional and aloof at times. Librans don’t like to be pressured when making a decision. They are so afraid of making the wrong one that they often cannot decide. Indecisiveness is another one of their negatives. Trying to make dinner plans with a Libra? You might as well wait for breakfast, because it will take at least that long for them to weigh every possible option. Poor Librans, they find it hard to say their heart.
Nonetheless, they are intelligent, charming and they have a solution to almost everything.

Dare wrong a Scorpio and they will make sure that your life becomes a living hell.
Unfortunately, trust does not come easy to them. Their suspicious nature will often put the ones close to them through a series of ‘tests’. These tests, as strange as they may seem, are aimed at testing their dear ones’ level of trust, faithfulness and loyalty. If living with a Scorpio, you would witness endless moods of despair and experience the depths of darkness. Save your souls and RUN, for they will manipulate you in ways unknown to mankind. Try all you want but you’ll never be able to figure out their secretive side.
Determination is their middle name. They are mystical, highly energetic and very brave.
Quite a catch, eh?

Saying that Sagittarians are self-obsessed would be an under-statement. These restless folks are easily bored and this lack of interest makes the day to day routine activities mundane for them. They are honest and blunt to the point of being hurtful and tactless. When they speak, they are very blunt and get right to the point, sometimes not realizing they hurt feelings along the way. Unemotional and reckless, you can be amazed at how cold they can get at times. They are over-confident and careless. Outer looks mean a lot to them and they are obsessed with themselves.
These folks are very optimistic and adventurous. Who’s ready for some scuba-diving?

Being a Capricorn myself, I have had people tell me how cold and aloof I am most of the time. Guilty as charged! Often termed unemotional, Capricorns are pessimistic to the fault and ambitious to the extent of being selfish. They are naturally shy and because of this they may come across as snobbish. They end up building walls around them which makes them appear indifferent and apathetic. Don’t give them advice unless asked for, as they think they know it best.
We may be stubborn and temperamental but we are also extremely loyal, caring and sensitive. Behind the hard exterior, you would find that deep down we yearn for the unconditional love and care we never had.

‘Living in their own bubble’ can be an apt phrase to describe them. People born in this zodiac sign do not have a particular behavioural pattern, so they may be unpredictable at times. Their mantra for life is ‘Live and Let Live’. But this also makes them detached and kind of a loner. Aquarians are excellent listeners but to change their mind is a herculean task. Aye, aye, make way for the stubborn one. They change so quickly that you may never be able to understand what goes in their heads.
They make for great thinkers and visionaries. They do not follow conventional ways rather they invent new ways of thinking. Quite an intelligent species, we must say.

Pisces live in the world of spiritualism and imagination, far away from the practical world. Hence, they are often called the dreamers of the zodiac signs. But when has avoiding reality ever helped anyone? These escapists will withdraw completely without even dropping a hint. They avoid a confrontation altogether. Their over-emotional and over-sensitive side would, sooner than later, get onto your nerves. Come problem, and see your Pisces run to the mountain for cover. Come on pals, there are certain things in life even the mountain can’t provide respite from. Just face it!
These kind and compassionate people are honest and upfront. They are also very creative and artistic. But my only advice to them would be to dream only to the extent that it does not distort reality for you.

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