5 Ways You Are Probably Ruining Your Relationship With Your Own Hands

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We are all made of energy, this whole universe is made of energy, the kind of energy that you will give to this universe, the same kind will come back to you. SO if you try to find the wrong things in something, you will end up with an endless list of them. SO be careful in all your actions and try to be positive.

Most of the time, we tend to forget this little detail and make some absurd misconceptions in our head that there is something wrong in our relationship when the reality is far from it. We over think about something and that gives rise to doubts in our mind and we sabotage our own relationship and probably ruin it too.

Of course, no one does it intentionally, it is just your emotional side that gets worried and you start to doubt things. But if you want to protect your relationship from such ruin, you need to identify the ways in which you are ruining it. Here are a few ways in which you are probably sabotaging your relationship.

1. Looking for the wrong

If you notice something fishy on your own, that is a good thing but if you suit up and decide to find out what is wrong, then you are bound to come up with a thing or two. We simply live in a world that we choose for yourself, so if you decide to go for the negatives, the negatives are what you will get. It is healthy to work on the red signals from the start but deliberately searching for them when nothing is wrong is a foolish thing to do. No one is perfect, and remember, you chose him for who he is, so accept those flaws too.

2. Expecting your partner to be perfect

We often base our expectations on unrealistic standards, like those we see in movies or read in novels. We expect our partner to be that perfect but we forget one thing that we are trying to compare them with a fictional character. They can not always act like we want them to, they are also an individual and have their own opinions so differences are bound to crop up. it is your choice whether to ignore them, mitigate them or obliterate them. Love is, after all, a struggle!

3. Reading too much into things

Too much of everything is bad and assumptions are the major cause of the destruction of a relationship. When you start to read too much into things like in the language of the text message or the way of speaking or the tone, etc, you will get more and more suspicious and that too for nothing. Obsessing over a message that you did not get the reply for is not healthy, step away from it for a bit, do not over think, they might simply be a bit busy nothing else, but if you go into assumptions, well, imagination has no boundaries!

4. Game playing

This is something that we all would agree to have done once in a while. We all want to know that how much is the other person into us or into the relationship. But playing too much of games, after a certain time is not good. Be authentic and not pretentious. When you are not picking up their call just to appear cool and not too eager, that person might be calling you because they are in some trouble. So think before you act.

5. Expecting too much

When there is a start of any relationship, you must give the other person also a chance to adjust to it, expecting them to know everything going on in your mind too soon is just too much. It will take them some time to get to know you and then may be later they will do exactly as you expect. remember, everything has its own pace and things will happen on their own, do not be greedy and expect too much too soon.


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