A Complete Guide On How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Cleaning your makeup brushes is one such important thing that we all usually forget or are too lazy to do the task. It is very easy to go on and on without cleaning your brushes and not feeling guilty about it at all. Who has the time to clean them? Who actually clean them?

But think about it, you use those brushes daily on your skin when you wash your towel regularly then why not these brushes? So now do you get the point?

Well, we have a few steps for you on how you can clean your brushes fast.

1. Baby shampoo

Lather a drop of baby shampoo on your palm and gently swirl the brush on your palm. The shampoo will remove all the makeup from the brushes along with the impurities. Do not let the shampoo touch the end of the bristles because it might loosen them or the glue might come off. Wash off with water and pat dry with a soft towel.

2. Mat Wash

When you use a lot of makeup products and have not washed your brush in like forever, then the brush is caked up with makeup, dust, oil, and dirt, here the palm won’t work. Try using the texturized silicon mat to wash off the product build up. These mats are available in many shapes and sizes that you can put on your wash basin and wash the brushes under the tap.

3. Squeeze the brush

When the brushes are clean and the water comes out clean through the brush, you squeeze out all the excess water and gently pat it dry. Do not whirl or twist or rub the brush as it may lead to distorted bristles.

4. Lay flat to dry

They are just like your hair, if you keep them in a distorted way, they will take that shape. So instead of keeping them in your makeup kit when they are still wet, try laying them on the towel till they dry. Keeping them in a cup to dry will also let water collect at the base and the wood and water will not go together well.


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