5 Foods You Must eat During Pregnancy

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While being pregnant, it is most important that you should gear up for a healthy diet. It is very important to eat right at the right stage to give the best to your unborn baby.

If you really want the best for your baby, you need to switch to super foods. They are not only healthy but provide for the need of all the nutrients required by the baby.

1. Dried apricot

They are a very rich source of dietary and soluble fiber. They help in binding the fatty acid to your body and aid digestive system preventing constipation. The high amount of potassium in them prevents chances of hypertension and maintains blood pressure level. They are a good source of iron which prevents anemia which creates a lot of complications in birth. The antioxidants and Vitamin A in them is also a good aid in building cells and promoting health.

2. Banana

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They are the rich source of carbohydrates and you do not feel weak if you have them. They provide adequate energy to cope up with many phases of pregnancy. They are a good source of fiber and keep your bowel movements regular. The high potassium content is good for your heart and eyes.

3. Avocado

They are a good source of omega 3 fatty acid which aids the development of your child’s brain. It contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals and the potassium keeps yo9ur blood pressure in check. Folate in them is important to repair pregnancy cells. Vitamin B prevents chances of infection and Vitamin C and E prevent chances of cancer.

4. Berries

They are a good source of Vitamin C, fiber, carbohydrates and fluids. They give adequate energy to keep you on toes. They also help in proper bowel movements. The color of berries is a rich source of antioxidants bringing down the risk of cancer and infection.

5. Yogurt

It contains a healthy bacteria called probiotic which boosts the immune system and also aids in digestion. It contains animal protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins B12 and B2 and magnesium.


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