Find Out What Will Turn On Your Partner According To Their Zodiac Sign!

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Everyone is different and astrology has time and again helped in understanding the other person. So why not take the help of astrology again to understand what acts as a turn on for your partner.

Here are a few tips to help you behind the closed doors.

1. Aries

Idiolise them, talk dirty to them, dominate them, maybe in a power play! Just be bold and play rough.

2. Taurus

Be straight forward with them and try to make them comfortable. You can use expensive toys, they are a huge turn on for a Taurus. Good food and a massage on the neck will act as cherry on the top.

3. Gemini

Show them your different sides, be playful and serious both, they will love how you play both roles well because they like variety. Be honest and have a sense of humour. Good hands and nice voice turns them on.

4. Cancer

they like curvy body and not sticks and bones! Perform role-play and be lively. Your innocence also turns them on and a good ‘spouse material’ is their deepest desire.

5. Leo

Playing with their hair and giving them back massages will work wonders, use oils and creams too. They enjoy being bossed around playfully. Just copy what they do in bed and they will love it.


6. Virgo

Show them that you are turned on. keep yourself groomed because they like it that way. Let them be ‘bad’ but also challenge their dominance by some of your own, they will love it!

7. Libra

Be a natural beauty, do not over do makeup. You should probably swoon at their romantic gestures because they sure make them very romantic. They like it when you spoil them with whatever they want.

8. Sagittarius

Be spontaneous and make them laugh! They like you in skimpy clothes and using sex toys but what they do not like is you judging them on their appearance.

9. Scorpio

They like it when you play hard to get and when you take care of your body and wear sexy lingerie. be their equal partner, they love it.

10. Capricorn

Make them feel powerful and keep it classy. You can try modeling for them, be open to all kind of new kinks and oh! oh! Don’t forget, morning sex is a must!

11. Aquarius

Think out of the box and let them teach you something new, just let them help you live your kinks and fantasies. Just be confident and nurturing!

12. Pisces

be intimidating, romantic and artistic! Play mind games with them, they like it and yeah don’t forget to get a pedicure!


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