8 Amazing Ways to Get a Hot Summer Body Like Priyanka Chopra…

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Even if Piggy Chops didn’t get to wear that hot red bikini in Baywatch, she did not upset her fans and could be seen sporting a green and white bikini on the beaches of Miami on Mother’s Day. She gave us some serious summer body goals with that toned body of hers. We all become too conscious about our bodies during summers so here are a few tips that you can adopt in your daily routine to become fit.

1. Drink Water at Perfect Timings


We all know the importance of water but what most of us forget is that there is a proper time to drink water.
Drink at-least 1 liter as soon as you get up, drink at-least half liter of water half an hour before eating lunch and dinner and keep drinking a few glasses here and there. Do not drink water after a meal at-least for 1 hour.

2. Stretching is a Must

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Stretching your body early morning is not only good for your fitness but also for the skin. So get up early and go for a run or stretch a bit at home with some yoga or aerobics. It will give a good kick start to your body metabolism.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast


Many of us skip breakfast in hurry to reach our office which is a big no if you want to stay fit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must not be avoided. Have something light and healthy like poha, Uttapam, eggs and toast, etc.

4. Have Small Meals 5-6 Times a Day


You should never have a very stuffing meal, always eat in small quantities and at-least 5-6 times a day. Having 1 or 2 heavy meals a day causes bloating and our stomach should never be totally full so small meals help in maintaining diet.

5. Have Your Last Meal 3 Hours Prior Sleeping


You should always have your meal 3 hours before you go to sleep so that the food gets enough time to digest itself. Also our body does least physical activity at night so a heavy meal just before going to sleep can be disastrous for fitness.

6. Bust a move to Burn That Extra Calorie


We all love fast food and cannot contain our craving sometimes. Don’t worry, just have what you want but make sure that you burnout those extra calories the next day.

7. Keep Your Posture Right


Most of us forget to keep a right posture while sitting in office or college or even working at home, we sit and lay as we feel like. Having a bad posture affects our fitness to a great extent.

8. Drink Green Tea


Green tea is very rich in anti=oxidants, so it increases our metabolism and helps us lose weight and get a healthy glow for our skin. Drink a cup of green tea every morning and if possible twice a day.

So girls follow these points and you will not have to feel conscious anymore about your body and you too will be able to flaunt a rocking body in crop tops and short skirts.

Stay fit!


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