How Would It Look If Disney Characters Used Dating Apps? Looking For Love On Apps!

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These are the dark times and dating scene is quite rough when even Disney princesses have to look for love on apps.
Disney has provided us with many fairytales but none of them meet the expectations of the real world. The modern romance challenges are much more complicated and much of it is because of online dating!
Have you imagined how would it look like if the Disney characters entered the world of online dating?
Well here is something from Zimbo which is really hilarious for you, scroll down and have fun!

1. Prince Charming And Cinderella

Prince Charming has a foot-fetish and Poor Cinderella has to convince him over messages that she was the one with whom he danced all night.

2. The Beast

Poor Adam has to use his old pictures for getting on with some fun. Our sympathies Beast!

3. Ursula

Life is tough for this ‘mermaid’ on the shores, she may be rocking under water but needs to up her game above it.

4. Pocahontas

This black haired beauty might have trust issues due to her ex but she is one hot chic and is going to have many guys falling at her feet!

5. Maleficent and Jafar

Both Of them are so unlucky in romance department, Maleficent must try her luck somewhere else and Zafar must stick to his lunatic laugh and cackling only.

6. Gaston

Don’t you think this nuthead could have chosen a better picture. Nonetheless his bio is really awesome and is gonna keep the girls safe*if you know what I mean*.


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