9 Surprising Things That You *Unknowingly* Go Through During Periods!

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We all know that we have cramps, bloating, mood swings and mood swings during periods but those are not the only things that happen to your body during periods!
there are many more surprising things that happen to your body during periods. We often ignore them or are not able to establish a connection between them.

So here are a list of things that happen to you during this time:

1. Decrease in cognitive ability

The ability to think and concentrate decreases due to cramps, backaches and nausea. Thus women are not able to concentrate or think properly during those days.

2. You become more horny

Yes ladies, during this time your libido is actually increased due to the drop on progesterone. So you would want to do the hanky-panky more than you usually do!

3. Swollen gums

Yes during this time our oral health is more susceptible to problems due to hormonal disbalance. This we need to take care more of our gums as they get swollen.

4. Change in bowel movements

We all notice a change in our bowel movements during this time. You would want to go to potty more than often, this happens due to the change in progesterone that upsets the intestines.

5. Constipation

While some women face loose stools, others go through constipation. The blame for this problem can also be put upon hormonal disbalance.

6. Sensitive genitals

Waxing during this time can be much more painful, so it would be wise to avoid them. Infact a women’s body pains all over the same during this time.

7. Falling asleep is a problem

It can be very hard to fall asleep during periods. 23 percent of women report disrupted sleep in the week before their periods, and 30 percent report disrupted sleep during them. This is because of change in body temperature, stress, hormonal change, anxiety and cramps.

8. Yeast infection

PH level in your vagina changes during this time which can result in yeast infection. If the infection is recurring then the doctor may prescribe birth control pills for balancing them out.

9. Knee pain

During this time knee pain is quite common. Your knees work differently at different points in your menstrual cycle, which could destabilizes your joints and cause pain.


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