7 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

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Coconut water is delicious in the form of a clear liquid. It is a refreshing low-calorie beverage which has been consumed for centuries in tropical countries and is believed to treat a variety of health-related ailments like dehydration, headaches, indigestion and kidney stones.

Here are a few health benefits of drinking coconut water regularly:

1. Weight loss

They are a rich source of dietary fibre and have low-fat content. Fibre helps in keeping you full and thus helps in weight loss as it reduces craving for excess food.

2. Headache

Coconut water is helpful in treating headaches as dehydration is a major cause of it. Migraine patients usually have a low level of magnesium in their body which is found in abundance in coconut water which helps in supplying electrolytes to the body and can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.


3. Lower Blood pressure

Coconut water is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium which help to lower blood pressure. To bring down the high blood pressure, drink a cup of fresh coconut water twice a day.

4. Kidney stones

Coconut water’s one of the best benefits is the prevention of kidney stones. Kidney stones occur when there is an accumulation of crystals in the kidneys that should have been flushed out through urine. Coconut water helps in this.


5. Ageing and acne

Coconut water is rich in antioxidants that help in fighting the free radicals and prevent ageing and acne.

6. Hangover

It is one of the best natural cure for a hangover. It also helps provide the much-required hydration and nutrients that are lost by indulging in too much alcohol.


7. Digestion

Coconut water provides more hydration than regular water. It helps in better absorption of nutrients and bowal movements.


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