5 Sex Lessons Taught By ‘Game Of Thrones’

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The show is famous for its drama and sex. All the six seasons have had their own ups and downs. Each one has taken totally different turns than they were expected to take!

The show has given some major lessons for life like, not to trust anyone in this world when the competition is high, Not even your own blood. It taught us that mind game is more important than physical. It also gave us many sex lessons.

Here they are:

1.Daenerys takes control

Daenerys taught us that it is never a bad idea to take control of things. Her scene when she says to Drago,”Tonight I would look upon your face” is really powerful and tells that you can have whatever you want if you have control.*wink*

2. Robb and Talisa hit the floor

They taught us how an impromptu sex can be passionate and good. Here Robb gets to know his wife and then he gets to know her *if you know what I mean* .

3. Shae and Tyrion

They taught us that size doesn’t matter, you can have loads of fun through different ways! All their scenes where they have sex like it is the last day is really something!

4. Jon Snow knows something afterall

The scene where naked Ygritte makes a nights watch soldier lose his celibacy in the secluded cave is one hell of a scene. It has some real steam in it and their forbidden love teaches that love goes beyond all the mess.

5. Viserys Targaryen and Doreah

their one and only sex scene teaches how words can have an effect on the arousal. The way Viserys dies seems only fair but his only sex scene in the bath was one that could be used by guys dating nerdy girls.


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